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Some artists find their calling early in life. Such is the case with breakout art-pop, multi-instrumentalist and San Diego native Jordan Cantor, who goes by the moniker Somme. After teaching herself guitar at age 6, Jordan was well on her way to writing songs only a few years later. Not content with guitar alone, she mastered drums and bass by 12 and in high school graduated to performing in a local indie-rock band Traffic Bear.

Aiming at a higher education Jordan tested the waters at The Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music at NYU, but opted for moving to Los Angeles to get first hand experience in the music industry with an internship at the management company Killphonic, who now look after her professional career.


Jordan's move to LA reignited her creative fire and led to the creation of her art-pop persona, Somme. Drawing inspiration from idols like Robyn, Fleetwood Mac and Lorde, Jordan entered the studio in 2017 to record her debut, self-titled EP. After a year and a half of writing and recording, she emerged, fully embracing her new identity, Somme, with a stunningly beautiful record that melds mesmerizing pop hooks, soul-gripping vocals and moody electronics.

On her debut EP which was released April 13th 2018, Jordan pealed back the layers to reveal her vulnerable side. Tapping into intimate experiences, the record's lyrics have an overarching theme about a relationship, that while brief had a lasting impact on her. Honesty pours out on tracks like "Tell Me," which is her most personal song about a friend's battle with addiction, and the LGBTQ love song "Long Time," about a short lived relationship that went nowhere and the head-trips that ensued.

In October 2018 she followed up the release of the EP with the infectious single and video “Broken Hearted Lovers” on the Atlantic Records subsidiary Taste and Tone. Currently she is wrapping up recording for her first full length album which will be released in the Fall of 2019.