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Rising up his way from Montreal’s music scene, JD was enriched with studio session affairs and downtown shows at a young age. The Montreal native soon echoed his come-up and began his journey into the music realm. Throughout the years, he released over fifteen albums and EPs as a solo artist.

In 2010, JD started working as a full time music composer/producer. For years he wrote music for films and ads and won a gemini award for a film score in 2014. He eventually created Liyon as a way to stray from the advertising world and be able to release what has been building up in his heart and soul. JD found his moniker in Liyon. He created a new persona in order to deviate himself from advertising music and commence a journey to unveil his original sound.


With a signature sound, self described as “drugged out synth-pop,” Liyon produces atmospheric tracks drowning in hypnotic synths and tantalizing riffs. Emphasizing his goal to “bring good vibes to the world and connect with other humans in a genuine way,” he brings an ambitious sound to cater an authentic experience for his music. Liyon’s talents and ideals of authenticity will carry him to a promising career capable of exceeding new heights.