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When one thinks of Los Angeles, they think of sun soaked beaches juxtaposed by the more harsh tone of the landscape. From the 80's hairband, neon tinged, Sunset strip, to the concrete jungles, and black & white Crown Victorias of the LAPD. Los Angeles is a melting pot, and rapper Cool Calm Chrys is poised to stand in the middle and bridge the gap between both. Born and raised in Mid-City the home of Lucy's, Roscoes, and the legendary People Under The Stairs, Cool Calm Chrys is so westside, it's a damn shame.

Carving his own niche' within the overpopulated hip hop scene which is coined as "conversational rap", he is a mixture of golden era hip hop stylings with left coast marijuana infused sensibilities. With influences such as J-Dilla, Vince Staples, MF DOOM, Boot Camp Clik, & The Pharcyde just to name a few, Cool Calm Chrys hopes to distort the perception of what "Los Angeles Rap" could and will be. 

Cool Calm Chrys' upcoming EP release titled "So Far, So Far Out." features chill vibe beats with influences and topics ranging from his affinity for anime, charcuterie, and artisanal marijuana to his unwavering devotion to his friends, family, and craft.


These traits create a sound unique to his own and drastically different than the current state of the genre in which he resides. With the mentorship and production of Jon Siebels of Eve 6 fame, "So Far, So Far Out." is a journey through the ups and downs of an everyday Angeleno while still finding a way to smile through it all.

"One of LA’s most idiosyncratic & elevated emcees."

- Sjimon Gompers via Impose Magazine

"Cool Calm Chrys is in total, extremely good and tangible, of something left field and Los Angeles that feels both out of time and just right for this moment."

-Luke Benjamin via Passion of the Weiss