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Chris Ayer is a Los Angeles-based artist with a rawness of performance and poetic lyricism that combine to make something at once urgent and timeless. With sharp pop sensibility, and a strong nod to the singer-songwriter tradition, Chris defies genres by incorporating elements of Pop, Folk, Soul, and Americana seamlessly into his music.

Ayer has honed his craft by logging over a decade’s worth of performances all across the globe. Chris has played over 1000 shows throughout America and Europe the past few years including a featured slot at the 2017 PinkPop Festival (The Netherlands), multiple headlining tours, and countless shows supporting his close friend Matt Simons (‘Catch & Release’, ‘With You’). 


Some of Ayer’s recent singles, ’Stay Another Night,’ ’On the Blvd,’ and ‘Ringing In My Ears’ have cumulated well over 4 million streams on Spotify alone. Ayer's song ‘Heavy’ received the 2018 Independent Music Award for Best Adult Contemporary Song, as well as a nomination for Best Pop Song in the 2018 USA Songwriting Competition. Chris is currently touring extensively and plotting a series of new releases for the Spring of 2019.